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Design thought of Dan Kiley
When he was a child, his mother always keep their room very clean. This virtually teach Kiley understand and pay attention to details. Every summer, Kiley will went to his grandmother’s home, the field and forest attractive him much, this deepened his
understanding to the natural. He used to be a caddy in Charles river country club, Because he loved the trim very neat of grass and also have a strong interest in plants, so every day he coming home from school will go to Arnold know all kinds of botanical garden plant. After graduating from high school, he write to Boston all the landscape design firm applying for a job. At last, he got a job at

Warren Manning business premises as a apprentice.
He went to Harvard as a special student in 1936, because he read Chinese garden in a book, he got interested in it. At later time in Harvard, he drunk in Japanese garden. different design concept. The combination of the plant and changing, rich meaning of space order made him understand a completely

Garriott Eckbo and James Rose. Compared with department of architecture leading by Walter Gropius, the garden is academic atmosphere quite
His largest harvest was met conservative at the time, and the teaching thought is still Paris art college type. They are very disgusting about this, instead, they have strong interest in the ideas of modern by Gropius.1952, at The French craft art exposition, modern architectural development and designer in the garden in the new exploration has had the enormous influence to them.

Gabriel Guevrekian, Andre vera and Paul vera’s composition skills of works attracted them deeply. The new space style Barcelona hall designed by Mieg van der Rohe in 1929 and design to join international factors attempt by Steele gave them the inspiration
of innovation. They tried to add the ideas of modern into Landscape design. Their action plays a great role to the development of the modern garden. This is the history of the famous Harvard revolution. Dan Kiley was one of the sponsors of the Harvard revolution. The beginning of the twentieth century, Modern socialist movement has a great impact on him. It pointed out a design road for him. Then he joined in on the exploration of the modern garden, he absorbed a lot of useful in thoughts from the modernist and brought new vitality to garden industry which has already been silence for a long time. Of course, they began the new situation of the modern garden development in America form their thinking and practice. Frequent travel to Europe help Dan Kiley learn a lot European classical gardens. In fact, he has been trying in their design using these classical elements and he got succeed at last. His works contain expression to the nature and even the universe. Comprehensive look, his design thought essentially is modern, he also learned a lot from European classical garden and Naturalism in philosophy level guided his design practice and life. In my opinion, we should not always follow old rules, though they may be authority at that time. Once we get our own idea, we should point it out and pay our energy to argument it. I believe just we do so, our society would make progress.

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